Ormos Lakka

Bay in Lakka on the island Nisos Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Lakka Bay in the north-east of the island of Paxos is surrounded by olive trees and pine trees giving shade. The water is turquoise and as clear as glass. This picturesque place is often overrun in the season but it is still a very attractive destination. In the bay there are two small beaches (sand and gravel), which are not only popular with children. Lakka is the second largest settlement in Paxos and very lively in summer as not only yachties but also many inland tourists visit the village. There is a large selection of bars and taverns as well as three supermarkets, two bakeries and an ATM. Mooring options in Lakka Bay: Most yachts swing on the hook in the bay. The sea bed is sandy with several seaweed patches. The water in the bay is between 2 and 3.5 m deep. You can also anchor at the mouth where the water is 5-7 m deep. It gets shallower towards the shore. A few yachts can also more at the mole. In the south-east area new mooring rings have been cemented into the quay. Yachts can also moor here with a bow anchor and stern lines. However, it is quite shallow at the quay and they need to keep to a minimum distance of about 2 m. If you don't know where you are going to moor exactly then you should sound the depth of the site and, if necessary, moor bow-to. On the east side an artificial mole protrudes into the bay. If you decide to drop anchor towards the south, you can moor stern-to at the mole. There are no mooring rings but you can put a bowline around the rocks. Boats are also better protected here from swell. To the west of the small jetty for excursion boats, a few yachts with a draught of up to 1.4 metres can moor here with a bow anchor and stern lines. Some yachts also moor on the west side of the bay with shore lines. But you need to pay attention here to the depth of the water.


  • Depth:10 m


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