Port Gaios

Harbour in Gaios on the island Nisos Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece
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The main town in Paxos is Gaios, a picturesque village. The houses shine in the early hours of the morning in bright pastel colours, the narrow lanes provide shade and on the main square locals and tourists come together alike. The fjord-like natural harbour is shaped by the offshore island Agios Nikolaos and Paxos itself. Once moored, your yacht will will seem to be in the middle of the ma...


  • Type of berthing:
    • Stern-to
  • Depth:2 - 4 m
  • Remarks:
    • Lovely town harbour


  • Cash machine Cash machine
  • Fuel station Fuel station
  • Laundry Laundry
  • Water Water


Wind protection:
Swells from:

Safety note

- Care is needed in the S entrance because the channel is shallow on either side, there are 2-3m depths
- In the N channel there is a blind bend where you cannot see what is coming the other way

Ships and ferries can generate heavy swells here. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure the anchor holds well and, if necessary, to keep sufficient distance to the pier.


In the approach from the E, care is needed of Ifalos Panayias - a reef lying approximately 2,5 miles E of Port Gaios

Anchor ground and holding

The bottom is mud. The anchor holds good or very good.

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