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Code of conduct

mySea provides an environment to encourage users to exchange information with each other. This code of conduct (guidelines  on writing comments and reviews) serves as a guide for all users so as to ensure a fair and objective tone. Posts, which deviate from these guidelines, may be deleted immediately. Therefore, please make sure that your comments and reviews refer to the actual comment or POI and do not deviate from the specified subject. Your email address will be saved when you submit a comment or review, but it will not be disclosed. Users do not have a right to their posts being published.

Guidelines for a respectful tone:
  • Be open about what you think but remain polite, objective and constructive
  • Think before you write, your post should benefit other users
  • Be tolerant, everyone has the right to their own opinion and should be able to represent it
  • Please refrain from making statements referring to the commentator or from attacking them personally when making counter-arguments
Comments and reviews, which will lead to your IP address being deleted or blocked (this also applies to links to other websites):
  • Insults or personal attacks towards other users
  • Insults or degrading remarks about other people
  • Threats and false statements
  • Personal information subject to data privacy, e.g. email addresses or telephone numbers
  • Comments or reviews, which do not refer to the actual comment or POI
  • Violating German law, such as copyright law
  • Statements that are harmful to minors or are racist
  • Pornographic content
  • Comments glorifying violence
  • Calls for rallies or demonstrations
  • Advertising
If these guidelines are violated, we reserve the right to remove the corresponding user comments and reviews and to contact the user. Changes to a user's comment or review will be noted in the text and explained. If the violations are more serious or keep being repeated, the user's IP address will be banned from making further comments and reviews, the user will not be consulted and all posts will be deleted. Furthermore, we reserve the right to block the user permanently from mySea as well as to take legal action.

Every mySea user is responsible for the comments, images, videos or reviews they publish. The user comments and reviews reflect only the opinion of the actual user. mySea accepts no liability for the completeness and accuracy of any comments or reviews.

Guidelines for images and photos

General information
  • Users may only upload their own unedited photos
  • Formats:
  • Landscape: width, max. 2000 pixels
  • Portrait: height, max. 2000 pixels
  • File properties:
  • Maximum file size is 1.4 MB
  • The title has to convey the content of the photos
  • Photos can be uploaded as jpg, png, bmp or gif files
Legal information
  • Permitted:
  • Crowds in public spaces and at events
  • People of public interest
  • Landscapes
  • Panoramic shots
  • Streets of houses
  • Public buildings (external view)
  • Prohibited:
  • People (especially private individuals) as the main subject without their explicit consent.
  • Vehicles (incl. vessels) as the main subject without the owner's explicit consent
  • Private property
  • Propaganda
  • Pornography
  • Images glorifying violence
  • Photo collages
  • Images with integrated texts
Violating these guidelines may lead to the images and photos being deleted immediately. Repeated or serious violations will lead to the the user being blocked for uploading the images and photos. mySea reserves the right to permanently block the user's IP address.

Every mySea user is responsible for the images and photos they publish. mySea accepts no liability for the content of the images and photos.

User name
You can select your own user name, which can only contain letters and numbers. However, your user name may not violate prevailing laws, the terms of use, the rights of third parties or offend common decency. The following restrictions also apply:
  • Do not use anyone else's name
  • Do not use copyrighted names, e.g. brand names
  • Do not use names that violate the rights of natural persons or legal entities
  • Do not use threatening or offensive terms
  • Do not use names with a hidden meaning, e.g. codes/terms extremist groups use, even if outsiders may not recognise them
  • As a commercial user you can naturally use your own company name
The owner of the user name will be held responsible for all content distributed under the user name.

User image
The user image is subject to the following restrictions:
  • Only upload a photo of yourself
  • Do not use anyone else's photo or copyrighted artwork, this includes artwork subject to trademark protection or other trademark rights
  • Do not use any vulgar or offending images. When selecting your user photos always take the feelings of other members into consideration
  • As a commercial user you can naturally upload you own company logo

Code of Conduct, Version 1.0, as of May 2013