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What is mySea?

mySea is a an online travel guide, which will help you to find the most beautiful places and avoid the greatest disappointments.

You will not only find helpful information on mySea about harbours, anchorages or buoys, but also about restaurants, shopping amenities, sail makers, mechanics, and even contact information on the nearest doctor or taxi driver.

In short: you will simply find everything you need to make your sailing trip even better. And it won't cost you a single cent!

What does mySea offer me?

Location-based, structured and manually-researched information for 25,000 POIs (Points of Interest).

All the information relevant to your location, from sheltered anchorages to dream beaches and highly recommended restaurants, to nautical service providers and the telephone number of the nearest doctor as well as many other useful tips.

Do everything from the comfort of your own home or on your smart phone or tablet.

A community you can help shape actively with your own knowledge. Create sailing trips, save your favourite places or places recommended by others. Take a look at places recommended by professional skippers or charter companies, share your experience with like-minded people and much more.

What is a POI?

A  POI is described as a “Point of interest”, i.e. a place of interest. That could be a harbour, an anchorage, a fuel station, a restaurant, a sail maker, a supermarket and much more. mySea has collected information on more than 25.000 POIs and is providing it to you free of charge.

How does Search work?

To find exactly the POI you are looking for, you need to add at least one search criterion: what are you looking for or where are you looking for it? The quickest way to find your POI is to fill in both fields. To do so, go to the top to “Search”. Enter what you are looking for here, you can also enter the name, e.g. of a restaurant. The autocomplete will help you find the right category. Also, add where you are looking for it. Then click on the magnifying glass or “Enter” and your results will appear further below.

How does Explore work?

Enter a place, a region or a country in the “Explore” field and click on the magnifying glass or “Enter”. You will receive suggestions for possible places or regions by using the “Suggest” function.

Can I change my choice in “Explore”?

You can narrow down the POIs you will be shown by going to POI category on the left-hand side of the screen. For example, if you only wish to see shopping amenities, then untick the other main categories.

How can I see in Explore what is located near the place I am searching?

To see all of the POIs near the place you are searching, you need to zoom in or out of the map section until it covers the area you wish to see. Then click on „Reset location filter“ to see all of the POIs in this map section.

How can I add a new POI?

If you cannot find the POI you are looking for, then click on “Add POI” to add it to mySea.

How can I add a photo to a POI?

You can upload one photo per POI. Click on the camera on the detail page of the POI. You can find the symbol below the name of the POI. You can select and upload a photo from your own files.

How can I edit a POI?

On the detail page of a POI you will see the “Edit POI data“ button. When you click on this button, a contact form opens. Please use it to send us a message with your editing suggestions. After a quick review of your suggestions, you will be added to the list of contributors of that specific POI.

How can I see the changes I have made to a POI on the mySea website

Your changes will be sent as suggestions to the mySea Team and then checked. After they have been approved, you will be able to see your changes on mySea. This could take up to 24 hours (on weekdays).

How can I share a POI?

On the right-hand side of the detail page you will find the “Share via” button. After clicking on it, you can select a social network such as Facebook or G+ or simply email.

What can I comment on?

You can comment on all POIs, i.e. all marinas, anchorages, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, repair shops, etc.

What happens if my comments get reported?

If a user reports questionable content, we first review whether the complaint is justified. The content will only be deleted if it violates our Code of  conduct or the T&Cs. Repeated violations may also lead to the account being banned.

How can I edit or delete my comments?

At the moment, comments you have publicised can not be edited or deleted.

I no longer wish to receive the newsletter.

If you no longer wish to receive the mySea newsletter, then click on the link further below in the newsletter itself. This will inform us immediately and we will remove you from our mailing list.

I would like to receive the newsletter. What do I need to do?

When you register, you can select whether you would like to receive the newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to it, then simply send us an email:

How can I add or change a photo in my profile?

Enter your login data and go to your profile. Click on the right-hand side on “Change profile picture”. Now you can select and upload a photo from your files.

What kind of photos can I upload?

Photo guidelines

What are lists?

Lists are collections of POIs and will help you keep an eye on all of the POIs you want to, that you've been to on holiday or are planning to visit on your next holiday. If you add a POI to one or more lists, then you will always be able to find it until you remove it from you list.

How can I create a list?

In order to create a list, click on “Lists” in the drop-down list at the top. You can see all of your lists here. Then simply click on “Create new lists”. Give your list a name and decide whether it should be visible for everyone or private. Then click on “Create” and your list is done. Now all you have to do is add POIs to your list.

How can I look for lists and how can I follow them?

Click on the arrow next to you name at the top to open the task bar. Select “Search user”. Now search the user who created the list and open their profile. You will be able to see all of the lists the user has made available to the community. If you find the list you were looking for, then click on it to open it. Click on “Follow list”, and you can start following this list.

How can I add a POI to a list?

Search the POI you wish to add to your list(s) and open its detail page. Click on “Add POI to list”. Tick all of the lists where your POI should appear and click on “Save”.

How can I delete a POI from a list?

Search the POI you wish to delete from your list(s) and open its detail page. Click on “POI saved”. Untick all of the lists from where your POI should be removed and click on “Save”.

What is the difference between a private and a public list?

A private list is a list that only you can see and no one else. A public list, on the other hand, can be seen by every user.

I have forgotten my password.

On the login page you will find the “Forgot password?”. Click this link and simply follow the instructions.

Can I change my user name?

Of course you can change your user name. If you do not add anything in the “User name” field in your profile, then your full name will be shown. Your user name will be shown after you have chosen it. Please not that this means that you will not be able to be found under your proper name.

Why do I need a profile?

There are many functions on mySea you cannot use if you do not have a user profile. Only when you have a profile can you see the detail pages in full, comment on POIs, create and follow lists and converse with your friends. Registering on mySea is completely free of charge.

How can I log out of the website?

In order to log out, simply click on the arrow next to your name to open the list. At the bottom you will find the “Log out” link.

Who can see my activities on mySea?

Users who are following you can see your activities.

How can I add or remove contacts?

You can find the users you are following in your profile. If you want to find more users and to connect with them, you can look for them. Click on the arrow next to your name and select the menu item “Search for users”. A window opens up where you can enter the name of the user you are looking for. Once you have found a user you wish to follow, click on their name and you can see their profile. You can now click on “Follow user” at the top to the left. You can also remove the user from your list in the same way.