Gemeindehafen Langenargen

Harbour in Langenargen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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The Langenargen municipal harbor is very centrally located between the waterfront promenade and Montfort Castle. However, the harbor is more suitable for smaller yachts with a shallow draft. Guests can moor in the eastern part of the harbor as long as the signs are green. Larger yachts can also moor alongside the pier by arrangement with the harbour master. The rear gondola harbor is quite shallow and mostly occupied by fishing boats. The harbor is approached on a 350° course. The mooring point for the Lake Constance shipping companies must be observed. The harbor entrance tends to silt up. Langenargen has a large number of good restaurants and several bars. The "Metzler" bakery is also very popular. There is no longer a petrol station in the town.


  • Black and Grey Pumpout Station Black and Grey Pumpout Station
  • Electricity Electricity
  • Sanitary Facility Sanitary Facility


Wind protection:
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Contact person
Jürgen Haberer (Hafenmeister)
Phone number
Obere Seestraße 2/2, 88085 Langenargen

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