Waste recycling

recycling bins for plastic and metal waste

Waste recycling search.in Primošten, Central Dalmatia, Croatia
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The marina provides waste facilities for recyclable plastic and metal. Marina takes part in the international eco-label program Blue Flag and sets activities in environmental education and information,water quality, environmental management and safety. Blue Flags are awarded for one season and may be withdrawn if the conditions change. The marina has among others cooperation with local schools on educational activities and cleaning actions, as well as waste collection and separation. The information board with relevant information is situated in the marina. Brochures and leaflets are available in the marina office

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Berthing Facilities (1)


  • Marina Kremik

    Marina Kremik
    rating.rated 4.6/5 rating.basedOn 15 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Primošten, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • Marina Frapa

    Marina Frapa
    rating.rated 4/5 rating.basedOn 19 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Rogoznica, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • Amadria Yacht Marines

    Amadria Yacht Marines
    rating.rated 3.9/5 rating.basedOn 2 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Šibenik, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • Marina Agana

    Marina Agana
    rating.rated 4.1/5 rating.basedOn 6 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Marina, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • Marina Mandalina

    Marina Mandalina
    rating.rated 4.6/5 rating.basedOn 13 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Šibenik, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • Marina Baotić

    Marina Baotić
    rating.rated 3.6/5 rating.basedOn 13 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Trogir, Zentral Dalmatien, Kroatien
  • ACI Marina Vodice

    ACI Marina Vodice
    rating.rated 3.9/5 rating.basedOn 9 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Vodice, Norddalmatien, Kroatien
  • Marina Zaton

    Marina Zaton
    rating.rated 4.6/5 rating.basedOn 2 rating.customerReviews

    Marina search.in Zaton (bei Šibenik), Norddalmatien, Kroatien