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Tuscany is an Italian region rich in history, culture and natural beauty. 
Boating along the coast offers a unique experience for sea enthusiasts with many opportunities to explore untouched beaches, hidden coves, and coastal towns.

The coast can be divided into 4 macro zones.

The most loved by sailors:
Tuscan Archipelago: The Tuscan Archipelago consists of seven islands and offers some of the most beautiful waters in Tuscany. The islands are the most popular destination for all kind of boaters, plenty of coves to choose from and a good shelter from wind and waves. The main islands of the archipelago are Elba, Giglio and Giannutri.

From North to South:
Versilia: The coast of Versilia goes from Forte dei Marmi to Viareggio and is characterized by sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and a great party atmosphere all summer long. There are some of Tuscany's most exclusive marinas and a lot of restaurants and high-fashion stores.

Etruscan Coast: The Etruscan Coast is about 90 kilometers and it goes from the port of Livorno to the town of Piombino. The coast is characterized by sandy beaches and a series of larger and smaller coastal towns, such as Castiglioncello, Vada, Marina di Bibbona, San Vincenzo, and Baratti. Also along this coast are the famous white beaches of Vada, which are especially popular with tourists.

Maremma coast: The Maremma coast goes from Piombino to Capalbio and is characterized by long sandy beaches and cliffs. The Maremma coast also includes the famous Argentario promontory, a place of great natural beauty with a wide range of marinas.

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