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The Tuscan Archipelago is a group of seven islands and some rocky spots, but, rocks apart, sailing between these islands is perfect for everyone! Here is a brief description of the main islands of the Tuscan archipelago and their characteristics (from North to South):

Capraia Island: is the northernmost of the archipelago, the west coast is almost all nature park, there is only a small harbor in the northeast of the island from where you can walk to the small village at the top of the island.

Elba Island: the largest of the archipelago's seven islands, it is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches and offers a number of marinas and bays where to anchor. One of the most famous places on the island is Sansone Beach, called by many the most beautiful beach on the island.

Giglio Island: is located south of Elba Island and is small and quiet. There is a single marina on the east coast and a small mooring point for dinghies to the northwest. different are the bays where to drop the anchor.

Giannutri Island: is the southernmost of the archipelago and offers wild and untouched landscapes. The island does not have its own port, only the dock for the ferry.

The other smaller islands are Gorgona Island, Montecristo Island and Pianosa Island.
Gorgona Island is an integral nature reserve and there is no mooring anywhere.
Montecristo Island is also a nature reserve, but it can be visited, access must be booked, and only 1 boat per day can be permitted.
Pianosa Island has only two moorable points, which are the little Pianosa Marina or Cala San Giovanni.

The Tuscan archipelago is a unique experience for sailors, crystal clear water, unspoiled landscapes and plenty of bays to anchor in.

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