Olive Island Marina

Marina Sutomišćica search.onIsland Ugljan, North Dalmatia, Croatia
rating.rated 4.6/5 rating.basedOn 10 rating.customerReviews 4.6 (10
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Olive Island Marina is located in the village of Sutomišćica on the eastern side of the island of Ugljan in North Dalmatia, in a bay open towards the north. The location of the island and the proximity to the Kornati make Olive Island Marina an ideal starting point for countless beautiful sailing trips. There is an excellent ferry link from the neighbouring village of Preko to the town of Zadar, w...


  • poiDetails.numberOfBerths:200
  • poiDetails.typeOfBerthing:
    • Mooring line
    • Berth alongside
  • poiDetails.depth:2 - 5 m
  • poiDetails.maxLength:75 m


  • Boat lift Boat lift
  • Electricity Electricity
  • Laundry Laundry
  • Parking Parking
  • Sanitary Facility Sanitary Facility
  • Water Water
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

  • poiDetails.protection247
  • poiDetails.cameraSurveillance

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Berthing Facilities (1)


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  • Marina Veli Iž

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  • Kukljica

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