Konoba Quattro

Restaurant in Strižnja on the island Kornat, North Dalmatia, Croatia
Rated 4.2/5 based on 10 customer reviews 4.2 (10 reviews)
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As Jere Skračić passed away in November 2023, the Konoba is currently closed. RIP, Jere. In Strižnja Bay in the island of Kornat lies the Konoba Quattro. It is run by Jere Skracica and a family business. Nothing stands in the way of some small talk, Jerer speaks German and English as well as Italian. Guests can moor at two jetties where the water is up to 3.2 m deep at the western jetty and 1.8 m at the eastern jetty. Especially in the high season, paces can also be saved for regular guests. Specialities of the house include peka, meat and fish cooked over an open fire. While dining guests can enjoy a fantastic view of the bay.
family run | grill on open fireplace | nice sea view | peka


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