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Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, and sailing around it is an opportunity to live the beauty of its nature and discover enchanted places that would be difficult to reach by land.

Among the best-known destinations for sailing are:

the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of 7 volcanic islands that offer breathtaking scenery: on one hand for their nature and crystal-clear water, on the other hand for the towns rich in Sicilian history and culture. 

the Egadi Islands, less famous than the Aeolian Islands, but this small archipelago of 3 islands has nothing to envy in terms of colors and landscapes!

the Zingaro Nature Reserve (between Palermo and the Egadi Islands), on the other hand, is a natural oasis of cliffs, sandy beaches and coves.

Taormina and Syracuse, on the east coast, offer the opportunity to admire medieval and Greek architecture just a few steps from the coast.

For the more "classic" sailors, it's impossible not to mention the passage between Scylla on the Calabrian coast and Charybdis on the Sicilian ones. Charybdis is a dangerous sea vortex and, throughout history, has been a great challenge for sailors because of the strong currents.
Often mentioned in Greek mythology, this passage still preserves some ancient ruins of Magna Graecia, testifying to the great cultural and historical importance of this area.

Sailing around this island is already a unique and unforgettable experience, but everything is made even more incredible thanks to the Sicilian culinary tradition. 
Food, in Southern Italy, has always been a guarantee, recipes are handed down between generations and in Sicily you can't help but taste everything, because, every missed opportunity, will be a regret!

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