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The Island of La Maddalena is an island in the archipelago of the same name, off the north-east coast of Sardinia. 

The activities to do on the island are mainly sea-related: snorkelling and scuba diving to explore the beautiful seabed. It is an excellent destination for a boat trip thanks to the favourable winds and numerous bays where you can moor.

The main ports on La Maddalena Island are Porto Massimo and Porto Turistico Cala Gavetta. The latter is the main landing point for ferries from Palau and offers a variety of services, including mooring, refuelling and nautical assistance.

The town is characterised by cobbled streets, colourful houses and a selection of excellent fish restaurants, bars and shops. Here you can enjoy delicious local cuisine, shop for handicrafts and soak up the authentic atmosphere of island life.

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