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The Lazio, located in the central part of Italy, has its entire coastline facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, along which lie numerous places of interest and natural beauty. The morphology of this region offers an enviable variety of landscapes: from sandy coasts to rocky headlands, from the quietest beaches to the liveliest tourist resorts.

The northern coastal area of Lazio is characterized by places such as Fiumicino and Ostia, which also offer the possibility of exploring archaeological sites of great historical importance, such as Ostia Antica.

Continuing southward, one encounters the beautiful cliffs of the Etruscan Riviera, with coastal towns such as Santa Marinella and Civitavecchia, the latter famous for its tourist and cruise port.

The Pontine Riviera, in the central part of Lazio, is characterized by long, sandy beaches surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, with resorts such as Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Terracina, Sperlonga, Gaeta and the world-famous Pontine Islands offering a perfect combination of sea, history and culinary tradition.

Finally, the Coastal stretch of the Circeo, on the border with Campania, is characterized by the Circeo National Park, which offers the chance to explore unspoiled nature (a Neanderthalian skull was even found in 1939!) and many caves.
Needless to emphasize how spectacular are the views of this area. 

Sailing along the coasts of Latium allows you to retrace History, both natural with places of unspoiled nature, and of man for the many archaeological sites silent witnesses of the cradle of civilization!

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