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Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Friuli Venezia Giulia region is the most northeastern region of Italy, and its coast is divided mainly into two large areas, the lagoon area west of Grado (the Marano Lagoon) and the Gulf of Trieste.

The Gulf of Trieste is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes: from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, from vertical cliffs to hidden coves. All of these make it an ideal destination for coastal boating, which allows to discover unspoiled corners and breathtaking views.
Among the most suggestive destinations are certainly the city of Trieste, with its harbor and Miramare Castle, the bays of Sistiana and Portopiccolo, the Caves of Duino and the Foce dell'Isonzo Nature Reserve.

In addition, the presence of constant winds such as the bora and scirocco make sailing in the Gulf of Trieste an even more exciting experience for experienced sailors.

West of the Gulf of Trieste there is the beautiful Grado, with its islands of Barbana, Isola della Schiusa, Anfora and Gorgo Islands, represents an unique experience, thanks to the beauty of the landscape and the presence of numerous historical settlements.

The Marano Lagoon allows you to discover hidden and picturesque corners, including the Islands of Sant'Andrea and Sant'Erasmo, the city of Marano Lagunare, Porto Buso and Portogruaro. In addition, the lagoon is rich in flora and fauna, and numerous species of birds and fish can be spotted.

Boating in the Marano Lagoon is perfect for both experienced boaters and beginners, thanks to the presence of numerous tour operators who organize excursions and boat rentals.

Right before Veneto, there is Lignano Sabbiadoro, a tourist destination throughout all the Adriatic.

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