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Emilia Romagna

Emilia-Romagna, with its fascinating coastline overlooking the Adriatic Sea, is an ideal destination for those who love the sea and sailing. This Italian region offers a unique mix of natural beauty, coastal towns rich in history and culture as well as welcoming and well-equipped ports to welcome boaters and offer refueling services, technical assistance and safe moorings.

Those who decide to set out to discover this coast can begin their journey from one of the many well-equipped ports along the coast. Rimini, with its modern tourist port and iconic beaches, is a perfect starting point. For those who prefer a quieter resort, Cesenatico, with its ancient canal harbor designed by Leonardo da Vinci, offers a historic and picturesque atmosphere.

Navigating north, one encounters Ravenna, famous for its Byzantine mosaics declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The nearby Marina di Ravenna is a well-organized port that offers all the necessary services to boaters.

Continuing on, the coast of Emilia-Romagna surprises with its long sandy beaches and calm waters, ideal for relaxing sailing. An unmissable stop is Porto Garibaldi, part of the wonderful Parco del Delta del Po, an area of extraordinary biodiversity where you can explore evocative canals and lagoons.

Along the coast, there is a wide range of activities for every taste. Lovers of relaxation can enjoy the beaches equipped with high-quality bathing establishments, while those looking for fun will not be disappointed by the vibrant nightlife of resorts such as Milano Marittima and Riccione.

You cannot visit Emilia-Romagna without savoring its world-renowned cuisine. In coastal restaurants you can enjoy fresh fish specialties, such as fish brodetto, accompanied by a good glass of Sangiovese.

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