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Campania is a region located in southern Italy. Campania offers many opportunities for sea lovers, thanks to its spectacular coastline and islands such as Capri, Ischia, and Procida.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular destinations for nautical tourism in Italy, thanks to its picturesque towns, beaches and secluded bays. The most popular locations on the Amalfi Coast for mooring boats and yachts are Amalfi, Positano and Praiano.

The Sorrento Peninsula, with its beaches, crystal waters and quaint villages, is another popular destination for nautical tourism in Campania.

In addition, Campania offers numerous nautical activities, such as windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving, which provide tourists with a unique and unforgettable experience.


Culturally, Campania is rich in history and art, with numerous archaeological sites such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum, which offer a glimpse into the life of ancient Rome and Greece. Naples, the region's capital, is a fascinating city with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. 


Finally, Campania is famous for its cuisine, which offers tasty and traditional dishes such as Neapolitan pizza, pasta with sardines, buffalo mozzarella, and Sorrento lemons.