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The Calabria, the southern tip of Italy, faces both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

Calabria is an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts, with favorable wind conditions and a wide variety of marinas equipped to accommodate boats of all sizes.
Sailing along the Calabrian coastline provides a journey through beautiful landscapes, from jagged cliffs to golden sandy beaches. The region is well known for its secluded coves and secluded inlets that offer quiet havens to anchor and dive into the crystal clear waters whether for a swim or a snorkeling session.

Possible destinations are varied; you can take off to explore the Aeolian Islands (which are part of Sicily, but are also easily reached from Calabria) or cruise along the coast to the south, enjoying breathtaking views of the seascapes and mountain peaks that rise majestically on the horizon.

The cobalt blue and turquoise waters create a postcard-perfect backdrop for boating adventures, while picturesque coastal villages and historic towns offer delightful stops to explore local culture.
In fact, the region is rich in history and culture, with ancient archaeological sites, medieval castles, and historic churches dotting the coastal landscape. History buffs will find much to explore as they cruise along the Calabrian coast.

Calabria's coastal towns, such as Tropea, Pizzo Calabro and Scilla, are true gems to explore. Tropea, with its famous white sand beach and fascinating sea caves, is a must-see. Pizzo Calabro, with its Aragonese castle and the delicious ice cream shop that gave rise to the famous truffle ice cream, enchants visitors with its historical and culinary charm. Scilla, with its picturesque fishing village and the myth of Cariddi and Scilla, is a place that captures the imagination with its legendary beauty.

Finally, Calabria offers a rich culinary tradition that celebrates the fresh and wholesome flavors of the Mediterranean. From the catch of the day to seafood specialties, every meal on board or by the sea is a culinary experience to remember.

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