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Sailing area Slovenia: A cruise of discovery on the Adriatic coast

The Slovenian sailing area on the Adriatic coast offers water sports enthusiasts a unique blend of maritime beauty, cultural heritage and modern nautical infrastructure. This coastal region has increasingly become a popular base for water sports enthusiasts who want to explore the diversity of the region and at the same time attach great importance to service and short distances.

Nautical diversity along the coast: The Slovenian coastline on the Adriatic is only 46 kilometers long. Water sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore the diversity of the Slovenian coastline, which ranges from picturesque bays to charming fishing villages and historic towns. The waters offer varied conditions for both beginners and experienced sailors.

Modern marinas and harbours: The nautical infrastructure along the Slovenian coast is characterized by modern marinas and harbours that meet the requirements of a modern (full service) marina. Marina Portorož with its approx. 1,000 berths and Marina Izola (approx. 700 berths) are good examples of first-class ports of call among water sports enthusiasts. With secure berths, modern jetties and a customer-oriented, professional service, they offer sailors and motor boaters alike all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay. The marina in Koper is considerably smaller with around 70 berths.

Services for water sports enthusiasts: Slovenian marinas focus on first-class services. Experienced and well-trained staff are available in the marinas all year round to help with technical issues. Modern sanitary facilities, shopping facilities and catering establishments also contribute to the well-being of boat owners. There are three marine filling stations on the Slovenian coast, which are usually open until sunset during the season.

Cultural explorations on land: Slovenia's sailing area is not only diverse on the water, but also offers numerous cultural treasures on land. Historic towns such as Piran, Izola and Koper enchant visitors with their medieval architecture, lively squares and narrow alleyways. Sailors have the opportunity to explore this cultural heritage.

The sailing area of Slovenia impresses with its successful combination of modern nautical infrastructure and cultural diversity. Water sports enthusiasts who want to experience the beauty of the Slovenian and the neighboring Italian and Croatian coasts will find all the conditions for numerous maritime experiences here.

Welcome to the sailing area of Slovenia - where the beauty of the Adriatic meets Slovenian hospitality.

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