Harbour in Lopud on the island Lopud, South Dalmatia, Croatia
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Lopud is a small island southeast of Šipan. The small town of Lopud is a popular resort with many restaurants and shopping opportunities. The inner Lopud harbor is covered with local vessels. Take caution because water depths are between 1.5 and 5 meters at the outer pier. Alternatively, drop anchor at the pebble beach north-west of the port. Wind from NW, W and SE can make a drop anchor dangerous. Entrance to the NE and through naval traffic is not uncommon.


  • Short stay berthFew
  • Depth:6.5 m


Wind protection:
Dangerous winds:
Swells from:

Safety note

-when maestral or tramontana are blowing it is recommended to sail into Šunj or Suđurađ
-strong bura increases current in the bay up to 1.5 knots
-when sailing around N point mind the Sutmiho Rock, 80 m in front of the shore
-shallows all along the shore
-summer W and NW squalls are dangerous

Ships and ferries can generate heavy swells here. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure the anchor holds well and, if necessary, to keep sufficient distance to the pier.

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