Vela Luka

Harbour in Vela Luka on the island Korčula, South Dalmatia, Croatia
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Vela Luka is located in the same place on the west side of island Korčula. Vela Luka is the largest town on the island and also a ferry port, yard and spa. The port includes the entire inner bay. The northern apex of the bay is very shallow with water depths between 0.5 and 1.6 m. The pier for yachts is right next to the gas station - it is equipped with mooring lines, electricity and water supply and occasionally reserved for tourist boats. Southwest of the gas station are buoys. The ferries dock at the southern breakwater. Jugo blows in gusts from easterly directions and Bora invigoratingly from the north. Strong wind from the west causes waves in the harbor. Restaurants, cafes, shops and more invite you here to linger.


  • Type of berthing:
    • Mooring line
  • Depth:0.5 - 12 m


  • Cash machine Cash machine
  • Electricity Electricity
  • Fuel station Fuel station
  • Water Water


Wind protection:
Swells from:


-Hum Hill on the S shore -lighthouses on the W point of the island of Proizd (N side of the bay), on Velo Dance Point (S side of the bay), on the islet of Kamenjak (in front of the N shore) and on Vranac Point (N shore at the beginning of the harbour) -harbour light on the ferry dock on the W side of the main quay


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Port Authority Vela Luka
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