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Montenegro is a republic located on the southern Adriatic coast. Montenegro borders Croatia to the north and Albania to the south. The Balkan country has been independent since June 3, 2006 and is one of the smallest countries in Europe with an area of 13,812 square kilometers and just over 620,000 inhabitants. However, with a coastline of 293.5 km, the Adriatic country is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts in particular. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica, the currency is the euro although the country is not part of the EU. Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors, especially on the coast. Montenegro has been one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations for years.

The coast is very mountainous and more densely populated than the mountainous country. The fjord-like Bay of Kotor is the largest bay in Montenegro and is bordered by steeply rising mountain flanks.  The bay is approx. 30 km long and is divided into 4 individual bays, which are sometimes compared to a Swiss mountain idyll. The entrance to the bay lies between the Prevlaka peninsula (belonging to Croatia) and Cap Arza with the fortress of the same name. In the entrance lies the abandoned Mamula Fort on a small island. If you sail deeper into the Bay of Kotor from here, you first enter the basin of Herceg Novi and then the basin of Tivat. Both basins are quite deep with a water depth of 30-50 meters. There is a speed limit of max. 12 knots. If you continue in the direction of Kotor, you will pass the 2.3 km long Verige Strait, which is only 340 m wide at its narrowest point. A maximum speed of 8 knots is permitted here. The inner bays of Risan and Kotor are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Bay of Kotor offers good protection from the typical Adriatic winds. However, due to the mountains, which are up to 1,700 m high, strong downdraughts can occur - especially at night.
Montenegro's maritime infrastructure has changed considerably in the last 10 years. In addition to the city quays, e.g. in Kotor and Persat, large and very luxurious megamarinas have now been developed, such as Porto Montenegro in Tivat. But similar projects have also been completed or are still under construction in other places. Portonovi or Luštica Bay are two major projects in which the marina is the center of a luxury resort with apartments, hotels, restaurants and fashion stores.

Along the coast in Bigova, Budva and Bar there are a whole series of other anchorages and marinas.