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The land between the seas: Schleswig-Holstein

Immerse yourself in a world where the water seems endless and adventure awaits on the blue horizon. Welcome to Schleswig-Holstein, the land between the seas. With its breathtaking coastline on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, this federal state offers a wealth of water sports opportunities that will delight beginners and experienced water sports enthusiasts alike. The calm Bodden waters are ideal for relaxed sailing trips, while the open sea off Sylt and Fehmarn challenges sailors with its wind and waves.
The well-developed nautical infrastructure is an important part of the water sports experience in Schleswig-Holstein. With modern harbors and marinas, a full service package for yachts and a warm, maritime atmosphere, Germany's northernmost federal state is predestined for sailors and motorboaters alike.

Kiel: sailing capital in the north

Kiel is a true Mecca for sailors. The city is internationally renowned for its sailing events, including Kiel Week, one of the largest sailing regattas in the world. The Kiel Fjord offers perfect conditions for sailors of all levels. On the shores, cozy cafés and maritime bars invite you to relax and enjoy the maritime atmosphere after an eventful day of sailing.

But it's not just sailors who get their money's worth here. Motor boaters will also find ideal conditions for exciting excursions in the waters around Kiel. The diverse coastal landscape and the numerous harbors along the fjord make Kiel a popular destination for boaters.

Lübeck: a historic backdrop on the water

Lübeck, with its medieval town center and the picturesque River Trave, offers a unique backdrop for water sports enthusiasts. Sailors can sail along the Trave and admire the impressive skyline of the old town. The many moorings in harbors, marinas and yacht clubs allow boaters to explore the beauty of the city from the comfort of the water.

Flensburg: a port city with maritime charm

Flensburg impresses with its vibrant harbor life and maritime flair. The city not only offers a picturesque backdrop, but also first-class conditions for water sports. Sailors will find perfect wind conditions and various bays in the Flensburg Fjord, while motor boaters will appreciate the variety of moorings and harbors.

Whether you are a sailor or a motor boater, the cities of Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein offer a wide range of opportunities to enjoy water sports to the full. From historic city backdrops to a vibrant harbor atmosphere and perfect infrastructure - Schleswig-Holstein invites water sports enthusiasts to explore the beauty and diversity of the state from the water.

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